School of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

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School of Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering


Professor Du Ronghua (vice dean, presiding)

Student Enrollment:

Undergraduate: 1688;

PhD and Postgraduate Candidate: 103;

Number of Faculty:

Faculty: 118;

Professors: 16;

Associate professors: 33;

PhD and Postgraduate tutors: 54;

Two "Hunan scholar" Professors, one National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker in the Transportation Community, one Hunan Provincial Young Expert in Science and Technology and one Hunan Outstanding Teacher.

Undergraduate Programs:

Automotive Maintenance Engineering; Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation (Engineering Machines, Mechatronics); Measuring and Controlling Technology and Instrument; Vehicle Engineering; Material Forming and Control Engineering;

Master Programs:

Mechanical and electronic engineering, vehicle engineering, vehicle operation engineering, mechanical design and theory, material science, intelligent detection technologies

PhD Programs:

Vehicle Operation Engineering

Teaching and Research Awards:

The School has undertaken more than 100 research subjects, including 14 National Natural Science Foundation, three863 projects. Research projects participated or presided by teachers in this School won one first prize and one second prize of National Scientific and Technological Advancement Award, one Hunan Top Ten Outstanding Youths Science and Technology Innovation Award, 25 patents, one first prize of Outstanding Academic Achievement Award and five provincial and ministerial awards. Twenty monographs and more than 900 research papers have been published, of which over 100 articles have been accepted by the three international indexing tools, SCI, EI and ISIP.


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