School of Civil Engineering and Construction

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School of Civil Engineering and Construction

Mission Statement:

It deems as its main objective to cultivate advanced engineering talents with expertise in civil engineering, construction and urban planning as well as capabilities to be engaged in engineering mechanics research, technology development and project design. Graduates are capable of teaching, science and research, design, field construction, supervision, management and detection in colleges and universities, scientific and research institute and engineering enterprises.


Professor Li Chuanxi

Student Enrollment:

Over 3000;

Number of Faculty:

Faculty: 204;

Professors: 36

Associate professors: 68

PhD tutors: 11

Postgraduate tutors: over 50

Three teachers are listed as national candidates for Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project, one as academic leader for key disciplines of the Ministry of Communications, one as National Renowned Teacher, one as National Model of Teaching Ethics, three as Talents in Science and Technology of the Ministry of Communications, one as Leading Talent in Science and Technology in Hunan Province, two as Hunan Scholars and two as the first-level candidates for Ten, Hundred and Thousand Talents Project.

Undergraduate Programs:

Civil Engineering (five orientations: Bridge Engineering; Construction Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering; Tunnel Engineering; Urban Rail Transportation Engineering); Engineering Mechanics; Construction; Urban Planning; Natural Geography and Resources Environment;

Master Programs:

Civil Engineering; Engineering Mechanics; Construction and Civil Engineering;

PhD Programs:

Civil Engineering

Teaching and Research Awards:

The recent few years has witnessed remarkable achievements in research by the faculty members, with quantities of research revolving around key technological problems in bridge, tunnel and construction engineering. It has undertaken tons of national and provincial research and the findings have won recognition nationwide. Teachers in this School have presided and won over 30 scientific and technological advancement awards at national, provincial and ministerial levels, of which two are awarded second prizes of national scientific and technological advancement. Apart from that, it has also acquired multiple patents and software copyrights, with hundreds of papers published in best magazines abroad and authoritative periodicals in China.