School of Economics and Management

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School of Economics and Management


Professor Chen Yin’E

Student Enrollment:

Undergraduate: over 5400;

Postgraduate: around 700;

Number of Faculty:

Faculty: 187;

Professor: 43;

Associate professor: 72;

PhD and Postgraduate tutors: 89;

Among all the teachers , the school boasts of panel judge for evaluating National Social Science Fund Programs, one National Renowned Teacher, two experts granted with Government Specified Allowances by the State Council, one Hunan Lotus Scholar, three candidates supported by the Ministry of Education for its New Century Excellent Talents, one Hunan Excellent Social Science Expert, and etc.

Undergraduate Programs:

Accounting; Financial Management; Marketing; Human Resources Management; Finance; International Economy and Trade; Information Management;

Of which, accounting and finance enjoy nationwide reputation while marketing and international economy and trade pride for unique features in the province.

Master Programs:

Academic Degree Programs: Business Administration; Management Science and Engineering; Applied Economics; Statistics; Education Economy and Management;

Professional Degree Programs: MBA; MPAcc; Assets Evaluation; Applied Statistics; Project Management; Logistics;

PhD Programs:

Business Administration

Teaching and Research Awards:

The school has made huge breakthroughs in both teaching and research in recent years by taking advantages of its academic teams, boasting its strength in research areas like “Development of Modern Service Industry and New Types of Urbanization”, “Competition Theory and Policies in Electric Power Monopoly”, “Theory and Practice for Finance and Accounting of Engineering Project” and “Finance Project and Supervision”. Ever since 2010, teachers in this school have presided over 200 research programs, including two monumental projects, two key projects and 13 regular projects of the National Social Science Fund; four National Natural Science Fund and two National Soft Science Projects, granted with over RMB 30 million yuan. Over 600 research papers, 33 academic monographs, 25 textbooks are published and over 40 prizes at provincial and national level are awarded.


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