School of Liberal Arts and Law

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School of Liberal Arts and Law


Professor Wang Xinsheng

Student Enrollment:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate: over 1000;

International students: around 150;

Number of Faculty:

Faculty: 92;

Professor: 12;

Associate professor: 32;

PhD tutor: 3;

Postgraduate tutor: over 30.

Of all the teachers, the school boasts of one Hunan Scholar, one CSUST Renowned Teacher; two candidates for Hunan Provincial Talents Program.

Undergraduate Programs:

Chinese Language and Literature; Law; Journalism;

Master Programs:

Chinese Language and Literature (subdivided into eight directions: Chinese Ancient Literature, Modern Literature, Theory of Literature and Art, Comparative Literature; Linguistics; philology; Theory of Classical Literature)

PhD Programs:


Teaching and Research Awards:

Teachers of this school have presided nearly 70 research programs at provincial and national level, including 13 National Philosophical Social Science Fund Programs, 9 Social Science Fund Programs supported by the Ministry of Education and over 40 provincial research programs. Faculty members have published about 30 academic monographs and nine provincial planned textbooks as edit-in-chief and over 500 academic papers in various academic journals.