National Government Scholarship” International Students Went to Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum for Cultural Experience Activities

2018-05-15 14:28:52 2018-05-15


To deepen international students’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture and enrich their cultural perception while studying in China, on May 15th afternoon, the International College organized “National Government Scholarship” international students to go to Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum for cultural experience activities.

The eyeful of cultural exhibits in Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum overwhelmed the students, and the exquisite and matchless craftsmanship of artists amazed them as well. At the cultural center of bean products, students followed one another in attempting at grinding soybean milk with the traditional bean grinding apparatus, which turned out be a huge delight; at the cultural center of Hunan embroidery, research supervisors vividly explained the wonderful workmanship of Huan embroidery techniques, and students marveled at the exquisite products.

At the end, the students expressed that today’s cultural experience had been an eye-opener. Today’s activity deepened their understanding of the richness and splendor of traditional Chinese culture. And it was hoped that there would be more opportunities like this to participate in such cultural experience activities.