Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony Was Held for International Students Class 2018 from Equatorial Guinea

2018-09-04 14:35:00 2018-09-04

On July 12th, the graduation and degree awarding ceremony for international students Class 2018 from Equatorial Guinea was held in the multi-function hall of Yuntang Campus. Jiang Changbo, vice president of the University, Fu Chang’e, the Party committee member and the secretary of Party committee of International College, Wu Dilong, director of International Office, Zheng Yanheng, the deputy director of Alumni Center, Chen Fubin, the deputy dean of School of Civil Engineering, Xie Chaohua, the deputy dean of School of Economics and Management as well as the leaders from international students sponsor China Road & Bridge Corporation attended the ceremony. Besides, people present also included all teaching staff from Office of International Students Affairs with International College, friends and relatives of Equatorial Guinea graduates class 2018, and members of summer camp to our school from Montenegro Confucius Institute. The graduation ceremony was held by Chen Yu, the dean of International College.

At the ceremony, Jiang Changbo firstly extended his congratulations to the graduates and delivered a speech. He reviewed the history of our school cooperating with China Road & Bridge in training international students, introduced the development and progress we have made in many aspects of international students education, expressed his best wish and eager hope that the graduates can devote themselves to building their own countries and promoting economic and cultural exchanges between China and Africa as well.

Dong Futang, the chief accountant of China Road & Bridge Corporation, also extended congratulations to the graduates, hoping that they could bring back to their own countries advanced management expertise and manufacturing technologies, advance their national construction and development with the acquired knowledge, and contribute to deepened “Road and Belt” initiative, Sino-Equatorial Guinea cooperation and friendship. Meanwhile, he also expressed sincere gratitude to our school leaders and teachers, holding that China Road and Bridge would as always perform its social responsibilities, and further enhance school-enterprise cooperation, so as to cultivate more talents for society.

Later, Chen Yu read out the Decisions about Commending Excellent Graduates of International Students (Undergraduates) Class 2018, and Fu Chang’e awarded the certificates of excellent graduate.

Graduate Representative MANANA BATAPA ESCOTERESA made a speech on behalf of all the graduates, expressing her gratitude to the school, teaching staff and China Road & Bridge and promising that she would live up to the expectations and make concrete steps in future study and work.

At the end of the speech, degree awarding ceremony was held, during which Jiang Changbo turned the tassels and awarded degree certificates to 24 graduates.

After the degree awarding ceremony, Chen Yu announced the Notice of Establishing Alumni Branch for International College Class 2018. Zheng Yanheng awarded the appointment letter and flag to the president of the alumni branch Obama Ona Marcelino and general secretary Manana Batapa Escoteresa. Wu Dilong, Chen Fubin and Xie Chaohua awarded alumni commandments to graduates.

The graduation ceremony came to a successful end amid happy laughters and cheerful voices. The graduates Class 2018 from Equatorial Guinea would trace their way back to their motherland with acquired skills, knowledge and wishes from alma mater, continuously creating glory in their life path.