A Brilliant Performance by the International Students in the Sports Festival

2017-04-10 17:11:09 2017-04-10

The Sixth CSUST Sports Culture Festival & the Eleventh CSUST Track and Field Sports Meet opened on October 25th in Yuntang campus. Sixty-four international students from 18 countries, including Angola, Bahamas, Pakistan, Equatorial Guinea, Togo, Russia and Sri Lanka, attended the opening ceremony with their national flags in a neat and orderly manner.

During the performance on the opening ceremony, international members of the "Kung Fu club" dressed in traditional martial arts clothing, presented a two-minute show of martial arts, which won concerted acclaim by the teachers and students. The performing of martial arts has long been considered as a designated part of the activities in the sports and cultural festival.

They have actively participated in various categories in the sports meet and have demonstrated their athletic talents as well as their spirits of “never giving up”. In men’s 4×100 meters relay race, they were ranked the eighth place, which was a historical breakthrough for the international students.