CSUST Held Culture Festival of Chinese Characters for Foreign Students

2017-04-10 17:11:09 2017-04-10

On April 1st, the Culture Festival of Chinese Characters for International Students was held in the Performance Hall in the Humanities Building on Yuntang campus. It aimed to explore the charm of Chinese characters and popularize Chinese culture, which draw wide attention and active participation from both international students and Chinese students.

It included two parts: Dictation Contest of Chinese Characters and Chinese Culture Show. During the qualification contest, winners rose out through three rounds of competition, namely, compulsory questions, optional questions and tie-breaker questions. In the finals, the delegation of international students, mostly of Confucius Scholarship winners, had a fierce competition with representatives from the School of Arts and Law. After that, during the Chinese Culture Show, foreign students presented humorous rap performance of a series of classic Chinese songs, coupled with unique and alien dance performance, which won cheers and applauses again and again from the audience.

These kinds of activities are supported by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) as part of the culture experience activities for international students, which would enhance their appreciation of the beauty of the forms and cultures of Chinese characters, their interest in learning Chinese and their comprehension of Chinese characters.