CSUST Welcomes Its First Batch of Chinese Government Scholarship Students

2017-04-10 17:11:09 2017-04-10

In the fall semester of 2014, CSUST welcomed its first batch of Chinese Government Scholarship students, who are here to pursue Master’s Degree. They are mainly from countries like Indonesia, Mongolia, Burundi and Romania. They will study here for four years, with the first year of learning Chinese and the remaining three years for professional study. This first batch of Chinese Government Scholarship students ever since CSUST was granted the qualification to recruit Chinese Government Scholarship students highlights the establishment of a multi-level and multi-category international students education system, consisting of Government Scholarship students, Confucius Institute Scholarship students, school-enterprise cooperation students, intercollegiate cooperation students, intercollegiate exchange students and students at their own expense.


"Chinese Government Scholarship Student Program" is designed to strengthen educational exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries worldwide through funding of foreign students to further their studies in institutions of higher education, which could help expand acceptance of international influence and renown of the universities involved. In 2013, CSUST became one of the first 18 institutions which were granted the qualification to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students. It marks the recognition of its overall strength, and management of foreign students by the Ministry of Education as well as an opportunity for CSUST to enhance international education.