International Students Experience Traditional Chinese Tea Culture

2017-04-10 17:11:09 2017-04-10

On November 26th, the Chinese Culture Centre for International Students presented an opportunity to experience Chinese Tea Culture in Yuntang campus. Students who won Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship students or were jointly trained through school-enterprise cooperation were invited to this activity.

The tea arts teacher taught them about a brief history of tea and basic knowledge of tea culture, such as the teapot, tureen, serving cup, tea cup, smelling cup and tea washing, tea strainers, tea towels, etc. The array of small and delicate porcelain wares provided a wonderful attraction to the students. They listened to the teacher for explanations of tea etiquette, namely, how to hold the tea, how to serve the tea and imitated step by step by the side, showing a keen interest in traditional Chinese tea culture. In the final group exercise, students, under the guidance of the teacher, experienced how to brew tea and learnt about the differences in tea etiquette between male and female in Chinese tea culture.

The Tea Culture Experience is one of a series of cultural activities held by CSUST for international students, aiming to cultivate students’ interest in Chinese traditional culture through interactive learning in a relaxed atmosphere, which could also be beneficial for their learning of Chinese language and culture as well as their overall qualities.