International Students Football Team Ranks 2nd in the 10th “CSUST Cup”

2017-04-10 17:11:09 2017-04-10

On May 17th, 2015, the final game of the 10th “CSUST Cup” Football Match was held in Yuntang Campus. The International Students Football Team missed the championship by a score of 1:2 to its rival team from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

The annual “CSUST Cup” Football Match is held once a year and has become one of the most popular sports events in CSUST. The whole match has lasted for over one month, with 16 teams fighting for the championship. The International Students Football Team has showcased their talents and skills in this sport from the preliminary all the way to the final. In this match, they have found a platform to learn from each other and also to expose themselves to the Chinese friends, during which they have consolidated friendship with their old friends and made new friends, creating a dynamic and harmonious college culture.