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Annual Evaluation of Scholarship Students

Date:2019-05-05   Source:

In order to standardize the annual evaluation of the scholarship students, we make the following detailed provisions based on the Provisions for the Annual Evaluation of Chinese Government Scholarship formulated by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Provisions for the Annual Evaluation of Confucius Institute Scholarship Students formulated by Hanban. These provisions are made to encourage students to work hard, to abide by laws and disciplines, and to develop their solidarity and friendship.

Provision 1 Targets of the annual evaluation are students who enjoy full or partial Chinese Government Scholarship, and who have studied in China for more than a year. (They will be called scholarship students, including undergraduate and graduate students, and general and advanced scholars.)

1. Scholarship students who have studied for more than one year at CSUST should take the evaluation every year.

2. Scholarship students who are about to complete their course of study and want to apply for scholarship to continue their studies in China should also take the evaluation in the year they complete their course of study.

3.Illness-related suspended students should take the evaluation according to their situations before suspension and after resumption. The suspension time will not be counted into their fixed years of study.

Provision 2 Contents of the Annual Evaluation.

(1) Grades are given priority.

(2) Behaviors, study attitude and class attendance. Students should attend classes on time, work hard, observe disciplines, and have good feedback from instructors and advisors. Students must abide by Chinese laws and observe school regulations.

(3) Participation in activities, awards and punishments. Students are encouraged to participate in university activities, events and competitions actively.

Provision 3 Procedure of the Evaluation

(1) International student office of International College informs departments of school (faculties, institutes or centers) the evaluation work. Students who want to apply for next year’s scholarship should obtain evaluation forms and other materials at International student office.

(2) Students fill out the forms and submit academic performance, departments of schools (faculties, institutes or centers) before deadline.

(3) Students give a presentation on his or her performances of the past academic year at the evaluation meeting that organized by Office of International Student .

(4) Based on students’ general academic performance, departments of school (faculties, institutes or centers) fill out CSUST International Students Scholarship Annual Evaluation Form, which will be signed by the head of the department, stamped with official seal and returned to International student office.

(5) International student office of International College comes up with the preliminary evaluation of schools (faculties, institutes or centers) and has it inspected by the school president who’s in charge. Final results will be reported officially to CSC.

Provision 4 All scholarship students are required to take the annual evaluation. Otherwise they will be disqualified from continual scholarship.

Provision 5 CSC scholarship evaluation has two results: Pass and Fail. Students who have failed the evaluation will be disqualified from the continual scholarship.

 Students’ scholarship will be suspended for a year if one of the following situations happens:

1. Students have to repeat the year’s work or stay down because they have failed exams:

2. Students’ earned credits do not meet the requirements for two years in succession;

3.Undergraduate students take the same course (or take the same make-up exams) for more than three times; or their failed courses’ credits of the first semester (except for the first year’s study) amount to 60% of the total required credits.

4. Students receive punishment of staying in school under abservance for various reasons.

Scholarship-suspended students may make written application for continual study by self-sponsoring or paying less tuition.

At the end of the suspension, students may make written application for taking the current year’s annual evaluation. Upon CSC’s approval, their scholarship will be resumed.

Provision 6 Students’ scholarship will be disqualified if one of the following situations happens.

1. Students are expelled or asked to quit school for various reasons.

2.Students fail the annual evaluation twice in a row.

3. Students do not take the annual evaluation without proper reasons.

Disqualified students’ all kinds of allowances will be stooped on the day of the announcement. They will not be qualified again in any way.

Provision 7 The annual evaluation of Confucius Institute Scholarship should be implemented with reference to the notice issued by Confucius Institute every year.

Provision 8 The annual evaluation of other kind of Scholarships must be implemented with reference to this regulation.

Provision 9 These provisions will be effective starting on the day of issue. International College is responsible for the interpretation of these provisions.