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On Fund Management of Chinese Government Scholars

Date:2019-05-05   Source:

The following regulations are applicable to students who enjoy full Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship. Scholarship students’ funding includes: living expense, education fee, recreational and sport activity fee, and other expenses.

Article 1 Living expense

1. Living expenses are paid monthly. Living expenses are to cover food and other daily expenses. 

2. Living expenses are paid through students’ bank cards by International College. The fresh scholarship students are supposed to establish bank account with passport, and Student’s ID card and give the receipt back to Students’ Affairs Office. 

3. As for the students who graduate in advance or withdraw, the living allowance should be paid till the month when the student leave CSUST before graduation. And the living allowance of last month before graduation will be half-paid for CSC scholarship students who graduate on time and totally paid for CIS scholarship students who graduate on time. 

4. Living expense will be paid on holidays and vacations. Living expense will not be paid due to delayed registration. Living expense will be halved for students who register after 16th of each month. CSUST will stop paying students who fail to come back to campus without asking for leave.

5. Scholarship will be halted during suspension and will be resumed with students’ resumption of study. For students who are expelled or asked to quit, scholarship will be stopped in the month of announcement.

6. All the scholarship students should register within the first week of January, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November and December each academic year. The monthly registration is the basis of getting monthly living expense. In principle, the mid of each month (about 15th) is pay day (the next working day if the 15th falls on a weekend).

7. Scholarship may not be disbursed ahead of schedule. Payment in advance requires a written application with an explanation of how to make allowance for the following schedule.

8. Students are liable to living expenses of their spouses and children if they have brought any along.

9. As for the students who are leave of the absence to attend to internship or public affairs, the living expenses will be resumed after the internship report and a written application for reissue of the living expenses submitted to the office of students’ affairs within the first week of returning to school. The living expenses will be delivered into students’ bank card together with living expenses of current month. The living expenses will be stopped due to the absence of personal affairs. 

Article 2 Other expenses

1.Students and the sending party are liable to international traveling expenses. Or refer to a signed agreement.

2.Students should try to select the entry/exit port that’s the closest to Changsha. CSUST will reimburse the traveling fees between the port and Changsha according to the standard of Hard-seat (hard-sleeper if it’s overnight) for a train-ride and third-class compartment bed for a boat-ride. Food and overweight luggage charge will not be reimbursed. 

2. If students’ international traveling fees are covered by CSC scholarship, CSUST will collect students’ information and report it to CSC two months before students leave school. CSC will be in charge of purchasing their tickets.

3. According to CSC and Hanban, the fee of textbooks, outpatient service, bedding, etc should be paid by scholarship students. 

If these Articles contravene related documents of the Ministry of Education, national regulations and laws, please consult the latter and CSC’s documents for reference. International College of CSUST reserves the right to interpret these regulations.