16 Projects of CSUST Win Hunan Science and Technology Award

Date:2020-06-18   Source:

    On the morning of June 10, the Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Award Ceremony was held in Changsha. CSUST’s Academician Zheng Jianlong,President Cao Yijia , as well as 12 lead researchers of projects that won the first or second prize attended the meeting.


     The ceremony commended the scientific and technological achievements of Hunan province in 2019 . CSUST won 16 prizes in total. Among them, 10 prizes were awarded to the projects presided over by CSUST researchers , including 1 first prize (natural science prize), 6 second prizes and 3 third prizes. In addition, 2 first prizes and 4 second prizes were given to the projects with CSUST participants.


   In the 2019 Hunan Science and Technology Award, CSUST achieved gratifying results, ranking among the top in Hunan provincial universities. We will  continue to support and encourage our researchers to conduct scientific research and strive to produce more  high-quality scientific and technological achievements.


                                                                                                                      (From Csust_international)