Campus Life

  • International Student Apartment
    There are single, double and triple room available with the following facilities inside:1、Hot water (free)2、Television set.3、Air condition.4、Internet connection, RMB 30 or 60 per month.5、Public kitchen (free)6、Washing Machine (First floor of the dorm)Every student has a different amount of free electricity per semester (800Units for single...
  • Check In Instruction
    StepsProceduresLocationMaterials Needed1Submit required documentsOffice room 103 at International students apartmentSubmit admission letter and JW202 form2Choose room, pay deposit and get room keyOffice room 103 at International students apartmentCopy of passport(picture page, entry stamp page, VISA page)3Sign letters of accommodation commitme...
  • Guidance of getting a SIM card /cellphone number
    ProceduresLocationMaterials NeededChoose a cellphone numberOffice room 103 at International students apartmentFee: 200RMBPay the fee and activate the cellphone serviceChina Mobile (students activity center)PS: please ask China Mobile working stuff to help you with the activation service
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