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Founded in June 2015, the International College of CSUST endeavours to cultivate international students, carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in education, provide training concerning foreign languages and affairs, and develop extensive international exchange and cooperation. It is a teaching college in line with international standards while with distinctive Chinese characteristics.

The College has office of joint-education program, office of international student affairs, center for learning and development including Department of  Chinese International Education, and office of international exchange and cooperation. It is the training base for international talents, window for open education, innovative platform for international exchange and cooperation.


Equality, cooperation, win-win


To fully carry out the Party’s education policies and achieve a new leap forward in talent cultivation, scientific research, social services and cultural inheritance and innovation; to implement the guiding principle of “expanding capacity, improving standards, standardizing management and ensuring quality” and the running strategies of “opening, cooperation, amalgamation and development”;  and to promote the coordinated development of international education, exchanges and cooperation, and establish a well-known high-quality instructional international college with distinct characteristics.


Centered on students’ development, the College carries out the fundamental mission of “strengthening moral education and cultivating talents”, and adheres to the education concept of “moral education as the primary, knowledge as the foundation, ability as the focus, and all-round development”. Besides, it introduces, integrates and absorbs high-quality educational resources abroad, relying on the university’s preponderant disciplines and majors. On one hand, to cultivate highly-specialized foreign-related professionals and industry elites with outstanding ideological quality, international vision and patriotism, spirit of innovation and skills in cross-cultural communication, as well as “solid foundation, wide range of knowledge, strong capabilities, and high quality”; on the other hand, to cultivate foreign highly specialized and administrative talents who understand China and are friendly to China, with satisfactory scientific and humanistic quality, solid professional foundation, outstanding practice ability, and sufficient knowledge in international engineering laws, regulations and practices.

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